Russian environment and business focus of Troy University trip

Posted: Wednesday, 09 July 2008

TROY – Six students from Troy University will spend 19 days this month in a Russian “summer camp” studying business practices and impacts on the environment in Russia.

The visit comes after an agreement was signed last fall between TROY and Vyatka State Humanities University creating a “3+1” program in business and environmental science fields. A 3+1 program allows students at both institutions to work toward degrees at both institutions. The “summer camps” are part of the agreement.

Sorrell College of Business Dean Dr. Don Hines said the purpose of the visit was to study environmental uses as they relate to business, and to see “first-hand environmental issues and problems in Russia that we may take for granted in the United States.”

“The Chancellor’s concept is to create international vision among TROY students and to have TROY students understand that we’re in a global environment,” Dr. Hines said. “We want our students to better understand cultures and viewpoints different than those with which they’ve grown up.”

Students attending the trip are: Jacquice Danyelle Hughes, a graduate student in environmental management from McCalla, Gabriel Wyman Willis, a graduate student majoring in education from Auburn, Jonathan Mark Bailey, an environmental management masters student from Bessemer, Rebekah Carol Moore, a junior environmental major from Fort Payne, Abbie Elizabeth Howard, a senior accounting major from Troy, and Jeffrey Brandon Zabolotney, a junior biology major from Troy.

Accompanying the students are Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Dr. Alicia Whatley and Assistant Professor of Business Gordon Moseley.

The students each received a special $2,000 scholarship for the trip, provided by Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr.

But academic study is just one reason for the trip. Strengthening economic development ties is also a focus and the reason Dr. Hines said he was making the trip.

“We’re looking to strengthen the relations between the Center for Business and Economic Development and the College of Business at Vyatka State to facilitate cross-border business relationships,” he said.

The University’s Center for Business and Economic Development, located within the Sorrell College of Business, focuses on building commerce and trade between foreign business and Alabama business.

“There’s a full range of potential activities ranging from import/export to investments,” said Dr. Hines. “This is a good chance to build business by establishing relationships, exchanging information and helping businesses both in countries understand the business climates.”

“We may think there are great differences between the cultures, but, in reality, we’re more alike than different,” he added. “We want our students to come back with that understanding.”

Dr. Don Hines

Dr. Don Hines, Dean of the Sorrell College of Business at Troy University