Troy University develops a Leadership Studies minor for students

Posted: Tuesday, 16 December 2008

TROY— Troy University students looking to hone their leadership skills and abilities can now minor in Leadership Studies.

This 18 semester-hour minor requires at least 12 hours in leadership courses and may include six hours from other disciplines.

“Students wanted a good ‘hands-on minor in Leadership Studies—not just a course of study that would teach about leaders, but one that would help them actually develop leadership skills,” said Dr. John Kline, professor and Director of Leadership Development.

Kline said 40 students have already enrolled for the minor and he expects 40 more will enroll in January when the spring semester gets under way.

Already this year a “Tools of Leadership” course was offered to 24 students and
This year LDR 2200: Tools of Leadership was offered with 24 students enrolled.

The program focuses on what Dr. Kline calls “servant-leadership.”

“Servant leaders must demonstrate character -- who they are – competence -- what they can do -- and confidence -- belief in themselves and their ability to lead,” said Kline.

Kline said there could be more classes offered in the future, but he feels that the University should not offer a major in area.

“I believe students should major in such fields as biological sciences, political science, criminal justice, music, journalism, health studies, business, education—and the list goes on,” said Kline. “They should have a solid grounding in a discipline that prepares them for a life vocation or profession.”

While the Institute for Leadership Development reports directly to Senior Executive Vice-Chancellor Dr. Ed Roach, the courses and the minor are placed in the College of Arts and Sciences and it fits with most majors from all the colleges at TROY.

One course in the program, “Chancellor’s Leadership Seminar,” is taught by TROY Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr.