Troy University Symphony Band releases "Whispers on the Wind"

Posted: Monday, 15 December 2008

TROY—The Troy University Symphony Band has recorded a new CD entitled, “Stormworks Chapter 13: Whispers on the Wind,” which marks the band’s second collaboration with internationally renowned composer Stephen Melillo.

Ralph Ford, Director of Bands at Troy University, said the Symphony Band began recording “Whispers on the Wind” last May and the project was completed in October. The CD will be released this month.

“The CD is reminiscent of the old Hollywood orchestras of the 1930s and 1940s,” Ford said. “It’s a powerful sound. We studied how they achieved that sound and then we added electronic instruments and synthesizers to our wind instruments and percussion.”

The centerpiece of the CD is called “Last World Standing,” which Melillo describes as a “culminating work” more than 30 years in the making. Melillo said “Last World Standing” represents what the world will be like when “all suffering is done, when war is finally and forever finished, when pain and hurt and sorrow are replaced by an instilled belief in a brotherhood of goodwill toward men.”

Ford said the 33-minute “Last World Standing” incorporates pre-recorded tracks, traditional symphonic band music, vocalists, dance and graphic imaging.

“It was an outstanding experience for the members of our symphony band to perform with Stephen Melillo,” Ford said.