Troy University partners with Sub-Saharan African university

Posted: Wednesday, 29 April 2009

TROY – Troy University will be paired with the University of Liberia under a U.S. Agency for International Development grant program aimed at developing higher education in 16 African nations.

Under the grant, Troy University will receive $50,000 to help plan ways to partner with the University of Liberia in areas pertinent to teacher preparation and education.

“This is particularly important in Liberia where educators struggle to overcome limitations imposed by recent civil war,” said Dr. Becky Ingram, an associate professor of curriculum and teaching in TROY’s College of Education.

TROY’s proposal was developed by Ingram and Dr. Tim Hobbs, also a member of curriculum and teaching faculty.

“We believe developing education and teacher training is fundamental to achieving national growth and recovery in Liberia.” Dr. Ingram said.

Twenty U.S. universities, out of 300 submitting applications for capacity-building partnerships, were awarded grants through Higher Education for Development (HED). Funded by a cooperative agreement with USAID, HED was founded by the six major U.S. higher education associations to engage U.S. colleges and universities in international development. USAID has provided economic and humanitarian assistance worldwide for more than 50 years.

TROY already operates partnerships with universities in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and operates teaching sites in 10 countries, Guam and in 15 states outside its home state of Alabama.