Girls State returning to TROY in June

Posted: Tuesday, 19 May 2009

TROY – Some 325 Alabama high school junior girls will call Troy University home June 7 - 12, as Girls State convenes for its tenth year on the campus.

A mission of the American Legion Auxiliary, the program provides the opportunity for students to participate in a hands-on citizenship training program that spans more than 50 years in Alabama and 67 years nationally.

“Troy University and Girls state share the goal of developing the next generation of leaders for our state, nation and world,” Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr., chancellor, said. “Troy University believes in the ideals that Girls State represents, and we look forward to hosting the program again this year.”

During their week in Troy, the delegates will organize cities, vote on officials, develop and pass legislation and hear from the state’s real-life elected officials, said Lee Sellers, Girls State director in Alabama.

“I really see Girls State as the catalyst for positive change in Alabama,” she said. “It’s been my privilege to direct the program for the past six years and am looking forward to the excitement and energy the girls will bring to Troy University.”

During the week, the delegates will travel to the State Capitol, meeting with Gov. Bob Riley and conducting on of the assembly’s legislative sessions in the House and Senate chambers. Girls State elected officials will also meet with their state office counterparts as well.

Sellers said the delegates represent the most outstanding junior girl in each participating high school. Each local American Legion Auxiliary post develops its own specific selection criteria for its area, she said.

“They use a variety of qualities, but all look for leadership potential, service and scholarship,” Sellers said.