TROY mathematician publishes set of textbooks

Posted: Tuesday, 24 June 2009

TROY—A Troy University professor, internationally recognized as a pioneer in mathematics, has published a set of textbooks in graph and hypergraph theory.

“Introduction to Graph and Hypergraph Theory” and “Introduction to Graph Theory” both explore the area of contemporary mathematics that has applications in computer science, genetics, chemistry, engineering, industry, business and the social sciences. The “young science” was developed for solving challenging problems created by a “computerized society” for which traditional mathematics such as algebra or calculus are powerless, said Dr. Vitaly Voloshin.

“For me, publishing these two books separates you from the crowd of thousands,” Dr. Voloshin said. “It is one thing to publish papers – even many papers – but it is a completely different thing to publish a book, especially a textbook.”

Written for math and computer science majors, and other students taking graph theory, discrete mathematics, data structures or algorithms, “Introduction to Graph and Hypergraph Theory” is designed to bring students with no previous knowledge in graph theory or other fields of significant mathematics to a basic level of proficiency.

“Introduction to Graph Theory” is also for math and computer science majors, for students and representatives of many other disciplines taking the courses in graph theory, discrete mathematics, data structures, and algorithms. It is also for anyone who wants to understand the basics of graph theory, or just is curious, he said.

Dr. Voloshin is a professor at the Department of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Geomatics at Troy University. His research has been repeatedly supported by scientific foundations in Italy, Germany, Canada, the United States and other countries. He was the invited speaker at 12 major international universities, held many visiting positions at many major conferences throughout the world, and has supervised and consulted on many master of science and doctorate theses.