Asian university presidents visit Troy University

Posted: Monday, 13 July 2009

TROY—A delegation of university presidents will visit Troy University on Tuesday to explore avenues of cooperation.

Five presidents and two staffers of the Association of International Universities, the organization sponsoring the trip to the United States, will visit with TROY officials to discuss possible partnerships, but no formal agreements will be finalized at this meeting, said Dr. Earl Ingram, vice chancellor of TROY’s Global Campus.

Visiting TROY will be:

Dr.?erif Ali TEKALAN, President, Association of International Universities

Dr.Ahmet Çetin CAN, President, International Black Sea University, Georgia

Dr.Erol ORAL, President, Ataturk Alatoo University, Kirgizstan

Dr.Muhammet AKD??, President, Suleyman Demirel University, Kazakhstan

Dr.Ahmet SAN?Ç, President, Qafqaz University, Azerbaijan

Dr. Zeki PEKTA?, President, Turkmen Turk University, Turkmenistan

Dr. Mehmet Ali ERO?LU, Coordinator, Association of International Universities