Troy University offers ‘Edible Art’ to the community

Posted: Wednesday, 13 January 2010

TROY, Ala.—Troy University faculty will put their culinary and artistic skills to test in the College of Communication and Fine Arts’ fifth annual Edible Arts.

The event is from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. Jan. 19 at the Studio in downtown Troy and benefits the Troy Arts Council and the Johnson Center for the Arts. Tickets, which may be purchased at the Johnson Center for the Arts or at the University’s Department of Art and Design in Malone Hall, are $15 for singles and $25 for couples.

“The College wanted Edible Arts to be a fundraising event for the Troy Arts Council because the arts council has been so generous in helping to fund several of our events at the University and also sponsor many artistic performances for the people of Troy and Pike County,” said Dean Maryjo Cochran. “We believe the Edible Art is a valuable project to help promote the good works of the Troy Arts Council.”

Cochran said the artwork will be judged by both patrons, who will be given five gold coins to use in voting, and by a celebrity panel. Once the awards have been made, the art becomes edible.

“Edible Art has become quite competitive among our faculty. Each one tries to come up with an edible art piece that is more outstanding than last year’s -- that’s a tall order,” she said. “What’s even more fun about this exhibit is that not only do you get to admire great works of art, you get to EAT them too.”

n addition to ticketed guests getting to “dig in” to art, live entertainment will be provided at 7 p.m. by the TROY Musical Theatre Ensemble. Wine and beer is also included in the ticket price.

The Studio is located on East Walnut Street, across from the Johnson Center for the Arts.

Advanced tickets are available through the Dean’s Office, located in 214 Wright Hall on the Troy Campus.