TROY professor set to publish book

Posted: Wednesday, 24 March 2010

TROY—A Troy University history professor is set to publish a book on black masculinity in U.S. history and literature by Ohio State University Press.

“Fathers, Preachers, Rebels, Men: Black Masculinity in US History and Literature, 1820-1945” is an interdisciplinary collection that deals with how black men negotiated issues of masculinity in the era before the modern Civil Rights movement.

“During slavery and Jim Crow, black men were defined in both law and custom as ‘childlike,’ ‘savage’ and ‘intellectually, physically and morally inferior to whites.’ This book shows how black men challenged and worked against those notions,” said Dr. Timothy Buckner, an assistant professor of history.

He said the idea for the project arose in 2005 with co-editor Dr. Peter Caster, an assistant professor of literature and film at the University of South Carolina -- Upstate, both of whom had academic interests dealing with race and gender.

“Though his training is in literature and mine is in history, we both noticed that our disciplines had dealt with the issue of black masculinity prior to World War II in what we thought were fairly superficial ways,” Dr. Buckner said. “After discussing this for a few months, we decided that the best way to represent the multifaceted experiences of black men was to create a collection of essays written by various authors in several fields.”

The book will be included in Ohio State’s Black Performance and Cultural Criticism Series and is anticipated to be available in summer 2011.

Dr. Timothy R. Buckner is an assistant professor in the department of history at Troy University.