Troy University develops new learning communities for first-year students

Posted: Monday, 24 May 2010

TROY—Troy University will implement a new program in fall 2010 designed to help students who are conditionally admitted or are undecided on an academic major.

The program, called “learning communities,” is designed to help students make the academic and social transition to college life, according to Jonathan Cellon, Coordinator of Student Learning Initiatives in the Office of First-Year Studies at TROY.

“Learning communities are small groups of students who share academic characteristics and enroll together in common courses of study for two semesters,” Cellon said. “We are also planning activities outside of class to help students socialize with others, explore personal interests and build academic and social skills.”

Cellon said that three learning communities will be developed for fall semester 2010, with two of the communities limited to 18 students each and a third limited to 24 students. Due to the limited number of slots, students must apply to join a learning community separate from the University’s admissions process.

“Students enrolled in learning communities will receive benefits such as specialized advising, co-curricular programs and early registration,” Cellon said.

The first three learning communities are:

  • Explore LC, designed for students who have not declared a major and are “unsure of their academic and career direction,” according to Cellon.
  • Passage LC—designed for students who have received conditional admission.
  • Generation 1 LC—designed for conditionally admitted first-generation college students.

“This is a new concept for Troy University, although learning communities have been successful elsewhere,” Cellon said. “We’re excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our incoming students.”

For more information, contact Cellon at 334-808-6349 or