Visiting Scholar bridges East and West

Posted: Tuesday, 11 May 2010

TROY—Troy University students have had the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture during the spring semester while the College of Arts and Sciences plays host to a visiting scholar from Hebei University of Technology.

A scholar in English from Qinhuangdao, China, Xiaofeng Chen’s mission has been to not only enlighten the students at TROY but also the students at her home university.

“My focus, while here, is to build a bridge between the Chinese and American culture,” said Chen. “I want to help my students build an international horizon.”

Her goal is to contribute as much as she can to enhance the Confucius Institute at Troy University.

“I have love for the Western culture as well as the American culture and it makes me so very happy to have the opportunity to teach others about their differences,” she said.

During her three months on the Troy Campus, Xiaofeng said she has thoroughly enjoyed her experience.

“I didn’t feel good about it at first, because I didn’t have transportation, but everybody here is so nice and helpful. The broad smiles from strangers make me feel very welcomed,” she said.

She holds both bachelors and masters degree in English from Hebei Normal University, where she is an English professor in the College of Foreign Languages and is the director of Teaching Affairs for Foreign Teachers.

She earned a second masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the University of York in England.