China is home soil for TROY graduates

Posted: Thursday, 24 June 2010

TROY—The People’s Republic of China is being made a better place, thanks to 19 freshly minted Troy University graduates.

Troy University Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr., and other University officials, presided over commencement exercises of the Sino-American 1-2-1 Dual Degree Program at the Ministry of Education in Beijing Wednesday, marking the seventh such commencement and the 10th anniversary of the TROY-developed program that has now become the United States model for dual degree programs.

A 10th anniversary celebration was conducted in the Great Hall of the People on Tuesday.

“We are particularly proud that a decade after our first Chinese students entered the 1-2-1 program, that not only has it provided educational opportunities, but also the foundations for greater cultural and economic collaboration,” said Dr. Earl Ingram, vice chancellor of TROY’s Global Campus that oversees partnerships in China, and in 11 other countries and 15 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Since TROY started the program in 2000 with five Chinese universities, 328 students have participated in 1-2-1 with 205 graduates to date. The program has expanded to include some 61 Chinese universities. In 2004, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities joined the partnership with TROY and the China Center for International Education Exchange and used it as a model for other AASCU-member schools. On.

Currently, TROY has 72 1-2-1 students in residency on the Troy Campus, and 30 more students in their final year of study. Under the program, Chinese students complete their first year of university-level education at their home institution, then transfer to TROY for two years of study in America and return for a final year at their home institution. The graduates of the program receive an undergraduate degree from both their home institution and TROY.

“The value of an American degree is very important in most parts of the world because our system of higher education is seen by many to be the world standard,” Dr. Ingram said, “and the value of a Troy University degree is among the highest internationally because of our commitment to setting very high benchmarks so that our students are prepared to compete in the global marketplace.”