TROY to offer money-management program for first-year students

Posted: Monday, 23 August 2010

TROY—Troy University wants to help its students avoid one of the major potential pitfalls of the college experience by offering special training on money management.

The University will take the first major steps in implementing the program this week as Ron Willingham, author of the Money2spare program, will visit the Troy Campus to train the staff members who will teach the course, according to Dr. Lee Vardaman, associate provost.

“This program will help our students manage their money and accomplish life goals,” Dr. Vardaman said. “This is a hands-on, action-oriented course that I believe will appeal to our students.”

Dr. Vardaman said Willingham will visit campus Aug. 25-26 to provide the training.

“We plan to offer a pilot program this semester with a group of first-year students,” Dr. Vardaman said. “Then we plan to expand the program to make it available to other students.”

Dr. Vardaman said the course will be offered as a “personal improvement” course and no academic credit will be awarded.

Willingham is the author of 12 books, including “Integrity Selling for the 21st Century,” “The Inner Game of Selling, Integrity Service,” “The People Principle,” “Hey, I'm The Customer,” and “The You, You Never Knew.” His courses have been conducted in more than 80 nations. More than 27,000 facilitators have been certified to conduct his courses, with nearly 1.5 million graduates. Willingham’s corporate clients include IBM, American Red Cross, Johnson & Johnson, The Principal Financial Group, Library of Congress and Morgan Stanley.