Pakistani exchange student finds TROY ‘awesome’

Posted: Tuesday, 01 March 2011

TROY—A Pakistani student studying at Troy University has found the food in Alabama something to get used to, but the University’s culture is familiar.

Syed Aoun Ali, an exchange student from Forman Christian College in Lahore, Pakistan, is at TROY as a part of the State Department’s Global Undergraduate Exchange Program. He has spent the spring semester on the Troy Campus and will return to his home institution later this month.

“I have to stick to burgers and fries,” he said. “Honestly though, few things are new to me. I watched a lot of American dramas, news and international news (before coming to America).”

Some aspects that are new to Ali, however, is the technology used in the University’s education program, including Internet usage and Blackboard, TROY’s online learning framework that connects teachers, students and class assignments.

“I like using the Internet and Blackboard,” Ali said. “We don’t have Blackboard over there. It’s very easy to take quizzes online and the professors are good.”

The American system of higher education also appeals to Ali, who thinks the learning is “easy” due to the quality of instruction and the specificity of the textbooks.

“It’s exciting,” Ali said. “It’s easier over here and there are a lot of opportunities (to learn) over here. It’s easy to get a 4.0 GPA (grade point average) because books and professors are very specific.”

Apart from his studies, the student has found time for extracurricular activities like jogging, playing table tennis and hitting the gym.

“It’s awesome here,” he added. “I like the weather, the class times and the professor’s teaching techniques.”

The Global UGRAD-Pakistan program aims to advance youth leadership and promote mutual understanding by providing one academic term of non-degree undergraduate U.S. study to a diverse group of emerging student leaders from underrepresented sectors of Pakistan.