TROY archaeology student rises above peers

Posted: Wednesday, 20 April 2011

TROY-Troy archaeology undergraduate student Daniel Lowrey has left a mark in the sands of Israel, and has been invited to be the zooarchaeologist for the premier archaeological site in Jordan.

Lowrey, a senior social sciences with a concentration in anthropology student from McCalla, was invited to present his findings at this year’s “The Roman Aqaba Project,” a professional development conference hosted at North Carolina Sate University. After his presentation, he was asked to be the primary leader for animal bone analysis at the Petra site in Jordan.

He had presented findings of his analysis on bones collected from the Aila, Jordan archaeological site and is writing the faunal reports to be included in the final publications of the now-closed site. The project, he said, began as a Chancellor’s Fellowship at Troy University.

“Everything has worked out well,” Lowrey said. “We’ve got good instructors at TROY and I couldn’t be more honored that they are trusting me with the zooarchaeology at Petra. The Chancellor’s Fellowship really demonstrated that I could be self-sufficient and produce something for the project.”

He will assume his duties in Jordan in May 2012, and anticipates spending about six weeks on the Petra dig. While there, he will conduct analysis on animal bones and, after returning to the United States, will conduct additional analysis and compile a findings report.

“When our undergraduate students are holding their own with doctoral students and professors in the field of zooarchaeology, it is a real tribute to some serious hard work on the part of the students and their professors,” said Dr. Hal Fulmer, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies. “An even bigger tribute is Daniel’s selection to be the main zooarchaeologist at the Petra site.”

He and fellow student Hilary Wikle of Ozark have previously participated in a Harvard University-led project in Askelon, Israel.

“To be offered this chance is extremely flattering,” Lowrey said. “It’s intimidating from time to time but I know my stuff and can hold my own.”

Sullivan Award

Troy University anthropology graduating senior Daniel Lowrey, of McCalla, surveys the skeletal remains of an ancient donkey at Ashkelon, Israel last summer as part of Harvard University's Levy Expedition to Ashkelon, an archeological excavation of the seaport city. Lowrey will head up zooarchaeology in 2012 at Petra, Jordan. (TROY photo)

Sullivan Award

Troy University senior Daniel Lowrey, of McCalla, overlooking Jerusalem, Israel.