TROY tornado expert available for interview

Posted: Thursday, 28 April 2011

TROY—Dr. Dan Sutter is available for interview today on the tornado outbreak event. Dr. Sutter, an economist, will be joining TROY’s Johnson Center for Political Economy in May.

Dr. Sutter was one of the lead researchers on a major Mercatus Center project investigating post-Katrina disaster responses in New Orleans, and has been a consultant for the National Weather Service. He has done work on optimal insurance pricing and mitigation issues related to natural disasters.

His research with tornado issues examines how tornadoes impact society, including how people are killed in these storms. He examines the actions we can take to reduce these impacts, how effective these efforts are and why people sometimes fail to take these actions. His research helps determines how lives and property can be protected in future events and he has specifically examined tornado warnings and watches issued by NWS, the effect of Doppler weather radar and tornado shelters and safe rooms.

For a glimpse at other news coverage of Dr. Sutter’s work, a recent USA Today story cites his research.

Dr. Sutter is currently an economics professor at University of Texas-Pan American. He may be contacted via email at

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