Troy University to recognize students at annual Honors Convocation

Posted: Tuesday, 05 April 2011

TROY, Ala—Troy University students will be recognized for their achievements during the University’s annual Honors Convocation at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 11 in the Claudia Crosby Theater.

Eleanor Lee, dean of First-Year Studies at TROY, will serve as the keynote speaker for the convocation.

Barbara Patterson, director of student involvement and leadership, said the convocation is a celebration of students’ achievements during the academic year.

“This convocation is the University’s opportunity to pay tribute to the fine work of our students and honor them for their diligent efforts in the classroom,” Patterson said.

Among the awards to be presented are the Ingalls Award, presented to the outstanding faculty member of the year, and the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, given to a senior male and female student and to a distinguished faculty or staff member.

The Ingalls Award is given annually to the teacher on the Troy Campus who has “most diligently, effectively and cheerfully conducted his or her classes during the current academic year.” Students nominate faculty members for the award, and a committee of students and faculty advisers selects the recipient.

The Sullivan Award, which is presented at select colleges and universities throughout the United States, recognizes recipients for their excellence of character, humanitarian service and spiritual qualities. The award has been presented annually to a male student, female student and one non-student at TROY since 1981. Students, faculty and staff nominate candidates for the award.

Since 2007, Dean Lee oversees the University’s program aimed at student success and retention aimed at freshmen and transfer students, and previously was the coordinator of the Writing Center and Director of Instructional Support Services. She is the author of TROY’s orientation course textbook, “Managing Your College Experience.”

She earned master’s degrees from the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan State University, and a bachelor’s degree from Alabama State University. She has attended multiple workshops and seminars at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.

Sullivan Award

Eleanor Lee, dean of First-Year Studies at TROY