TROY ranks in top 15 for military education

Posted: Thursday, 07 July 2011

TROY – Troy University ranks in the top 15 universities and colleges nationwide for military members using Tuition Assistance, according to Military Times, a leading independent military news organization.

According to the Department of Defense, TROY was listed at 13 for all military branches, and 8 for Army and Army National Guard members taking voluntary education. The ranking is based on tuition assistance data on students, course enrollments and funds from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Army National Guard and the Coast Guard. The Air Force information included data for the active-duty Air National Guard as well.

"This is yet another validation of TROY's commitment to America's armed services," said Joseph Houghton, director of military programs for the University's Global Campus, the arm of the University that oversees military education initiatives. "It means that members of the military recognize our promise to support them in every way possible."

According to Military Times, more than 350,000 service members found time to pursue a certificate or degree using tuition assistance from their service's voluntary education program, enrolling in about 2,100 universities, school systems and training courses. Of that number, 50 institutions account for almost 79 percent of the students using tuition assistance . Defense Department figures indicate that 71 percent of courses taken in fiscal year 2009 were distance learning courses, a 7 percent increase over the previous year.

"eTROY greatly expands the ability of our service members to complete their degree regardless of where they may be located," Houghton said. "With the online offerings, coupled with our on-base or near-base locations and our traditional campuses, our service members know they can stay on track at Troy University."

TROY, a public institution of higher learning, has a long-standing relationship with the military stretching back to 1950 when it began delivering courses at the Army's Fort Rucker in Alabama. In the 1970s, it expanded its role to American bases in Europe, and today provides educational services in concert with the Servicemembers Opportunity College Degree Network System and goArmyed programs. The University is a Yellow Ribbon Program member. Homeported in Troy, Ala., the University operates four campuses in Alabama, and has locations in 15 states and 10 foreign locations, including 28 on-base and 10 near-base sites in the continental United States and Pacific regions.