New HD cameras give edge to TROY broadcast journalism students

Posted: Monday, 03 October 2011

TROY - Troy University's TrojanVision is always looking for new ways to teach its students, and the purchase of three new high-definition studio cameras will gear broadcast journalism students to be among the most-equipped in the state.

"We always try to put the best technology into the hands of students," said Kyle Bozeman, television manager. "We want students to be aware of the hardware they will be dealing with, as it better equips them for the roles we are preparing them for."

Bozeman said the three Hitachi studio cameras come equipped with broadcast quality auto script and teleprompters.

In the past, Bozeman said TrojanVision has created much of its own hardware, like teleprompters. These cameras mark the first time broadcast students in the Hall School of Journalism and Communication will have broadcast quality teleprompters that are brighter and easier to read.

The cameras also come with tally lights, which show the recorder and the subject when the camera is on. In addition, the camera has clocks on the front that can count up and down.

Bozeman said the cameras in the studio are "uncompromisingly" the top in the state. "No one in the state of Alabama has better equipment than we do today," he said.

Those who have watched TrojanVision in the last two weeks should be able to tell a difference in the quality of the show. However, the channel is still not running in HD just yet.

"We're transitioning to serve HD cable channels," Bozeman said.

Still, the screen is shooting in a wider image, giving the audience a nicer view.

For students, the wider screen provides a great learning opportunity, Bozeman said.

"A considerable value for student education is the shape of the screen is different. It opens new possibilities in terms of shot creation. So going forward, students…have an edge in a way to create imagery that is more modern," he said.

Bozeman said in the future, Trojan Vision plans to purchase HD cameras for the field, so that sports, concerts and other events can be shown in HD and not just the live shows.

TrojanVision News is shown live at 11:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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Troy University Trojan Vision News camera operator Courtney Steele, Television Production Coordinator Aaron Taylor, left, and camera operator Hunter Robinson, keep an eye on a monitor during a recent news broadcast using the University's new high-definition cameras. (TROY photo)