TROY earns honor roll status in national ranking

Posted: Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TROY – Four Troy University online programs have been named honor roll programs by U.S.News & World Report's first-ever "Top Online Education Program" rankings.

TROY's online bachelor's degree program in education, and its graduate degree programs in business, education and nursing all made honor rolls.

"These rankings speak to the quality and promise of TROY's approach to online education, as well as to the outstanding effort from faculty, staff and administrators," said Dr. Lance Tatum, Vice Chancellor of Global Campus, the arm of the University responsible for its distance learning and outside-of-Alabama operations.

The publication included online bachelor's degree programs and graduate-level online degree programs in business, engineering, nursing, education and computer information technology.

While U.S. News has applied some of its rankings standards used for traditional schools, many new measures have been developed and were used to evaluate online programs. In order to be considered for the rankings, online degree programs needed to have at least 80 percent of their course content available online.

Online bachelor's degree programs were ranked in three different categories: student engagement and assessment, faculty credentials and training, and student services and technology. The online master's degree programs were ranked in similar categories, but were evaluated on student engagement and accreditation as opposed to assessment. There was also a separate indicator ranking for admissions selectivity.

There were no numeric rankings for overall program quality this inaugural year. Instead, U.S. News created non-numeric honor roll lists of online programs. There is one honor roll for online bachelor's degree programs and one each for the master's degree programs, excluding computer information technology. Each list includes programs that performed well across a series of numeric indicator rankings.


ROY's online bachelor's degree program in education ranked third out of 170 schools for "teaching practices and student engagement" and fifth for "student services and technology."

The University's online graduate program in business ranked, out of 150 schools, 12th for "student services and technology," 62nd for "teaching practices and student engagement," and 39th for "admissions selectivity."

Out of 150 schools, TROY's online graduate program in education ranked 21st in "student services and technology," and third in "teaching practices and student engagement."

TROY's online graduate program in nursing ranked ninth out of 83 schools for "student services and technology," 26th in "admissions selectivity" and fifth in "teaching practices and student engagement." There are 458 regionally accredited institutions offering at least one master's level or doctorate of nursing practice level program in the country.

"The delivery of academic programs is a university-wide effort and succeeds at Troy University because of our committed faculty and staff, and our student-centered culture," Dr. Tatum said.