Former Ambassador, Middle East policy expert Dunford to lecture at Troy University

Posted: Monday, 28 January 2013

TROY - David Dunford, former U.S. Ambassador to Oman and an expert in Middle East policy, will visit Troy University this week as a part of the University's Ambassador-in-Residence program.

Dunford is the fifth Ambassador-in-Residence fellow hosted by the University's Department of Political Science through the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows program. The program, which is administered by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) in Washington, DC, brings prominent artists, diplomats, journalists, business leaders, and other professionals to campuses across the United States for a week-long residential program of classes, seminars, workshops, lectures, and informal discussions. TROY's Ambassador-in-Residence program is supported by the Wallace D. Malone Fund.

Dunford's intensive five-day visit will begins today and includes meetings and lectures on the Troy, Montgomery and Dothan campuses. He will lecture to and meet with students and faculty informally throughout the week to share his practical knowledge of Middle East political, economic and social development.

A public lecture will be held at 4 p.m., Thursday in the Hawkins Hall Auditorium on the Troy Campus.

"Ambassador Dunford will be a perfect fit for TROY. Our students will have a chance to meet a world class scholar with deep knowledge of Middle East affairs who also has plenty of real world work experience," said Dr. Jonathan Harrington, director of the Master of Science in International Relations program. "We're delighted that he will also have time to get to know our campuses and explore in depth how the classroom and campus relate to the broader society."

Ambassador Dunford, a member of the U.S. Foreign Service for 29 years, served three years as U.S. Ambassador to Oman, and four years as Deputy Ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the 1990-91 Gulf War.

In addition to his service as a U.S. Ambassador, he has also worked for General Garner and Ambassador Bremer in Iraq in 2003 as the senior official in charge of reorganizing Iraq's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His other assignments included Economic Minister-Counselor in Cairo, Director of Egyptian Affairs in Washington, Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative in the Executive Office of the President, and Coordinator of the multinational team tasked with setting up MENABANK, a proposed regional multilateral development bank in Cairo. He is also former Chairman and active board member of AIPT, a non-profit organization specializing in international exchanges.

Dunford currently teaches courses on the Arab-Israeli Conflict and the Middle East Business Environment at the University of Arizona and consults for government and the private sector on Middle East Issues. He received his bachelor degree in economics, politics, and engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1964, before earning his master's degrees from Stanford University in political science (1965) and economics (1976).

David Dunford

David Dunford