Fight song creates bond between TROY and Michigan high school

Posted: Friday, 29 March 2013

TROY – It’s not unusual for a group of high school students to visit Troy University’s campus as a stop along the way to another destination, but for one high school band from Michigan, Friday’s campus visit held special meaning.

The Wyoming High School Marching Wolves are the product of a school consolidation in Wyoming, Michigan, near Grand Rapids. Just a year old, the new high school has new colors, new mascots, and a new fight song, all selected by students.

Troy University’s fight song, “Trojans One and All” was adopted by the student body to unify their fans, and the University sanctioned its use.

The students’ stop came in route to New Orleans, where they will be performing over the next several weeks, said Jeff Bennett, a former band director who serving as the tour’s director.

“This trip is all about the students,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity to promote cohesiveness and help them form the bonds they’ll need to be successful as a band and a new high school.”

Added to the fight song connection, Bennett said there was another TROY connection with the students: most have learned music through compositions by Troy University music professor Robert W. Smith.

“Many of these kids have played his compositions. Most are great for public school (music) programs because they teach foundational ideas and techniques,” Bennett said. “I have used them for years, as do the current directors.”

The Marching Wolves are under the direction of Bryan Ambrose, one of Bennett’s former students, and Erick Flack, assistant director of bands.

High School Marching Band

Members of the Wyoming High School Marching Band visited Troy University to see the school that shares its fight song. Students of WHS, a year-old consolidated high school near Grand Rapids, Mich., adopted “Trojans One and All” to help unify the new students and fans. (TROY photo/Cass Davis)