College of Education’s Warren receives Ingalls Award at Troy University

Posted: Monday, 22 April 2013

Dr. Warren received the award during the University’s annual Honors Convocation held April 15 in the Claudia Crosby Theater on the Troy Campus.

The Ingalls Award is given annually to the teacher on the Troy Campus who has “most diligently, effectively and cheerfully conducted his or her classes during the current academic year.” Students nominate faculty members for the award, and a committee of students and faculty advisors selects the recipient. The award consists of a statue of Socrates, a plaque and a check for $1,000.

Dr. Patricia Warren, who has been a full-time member of the TROY faculty since 2008, holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Athens State College (1984), a master’s in elementary education from TROY (1994) and a doctorate in elementary education with an emphasis in reading education from Auburn University (2008). Her career in education began in 1984, serving as a K-3 teacher, first in the Geneva city schools and later in the Ozark city schools. Prior to joining the TROY faculty full-time, she also served as a reading coach at an Ozark kindergarten and an adjunct instructor for both the Troy and Dothan campuses of Troy University.

“This award is the most beautiful, humbling thing that has ever happened to me because it was initiated by students,” Dr. Warren said. “Being a teacher is a noble profession. One day, when my students have a classroom of their own, they have to realize that any child sitting in that room might be a future leader, a successful businessperson, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer or maybe even a future president. What you teach your students and how you teach them just might make all the difference in their lives.”

As Dr. Warren trains future teachers in the classroom at TROY, she frequently minds them that the role of teacher is a calling and not a profession.

“You teach because you have a passion within you to teach,” she said. “One of the greatest joys I have ever had as a teacher is when a former student comes up, speaks to me and thanks me for how I taught them. As a teacher here at TROY, I want to find that passion within all of my students. I want them to understand this calling.”

Jonathan M. Miller

Dr. Patricia Warren, assistant professor in the College of Education, is the recipient of the Ingalls Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching at Troy University. Dr. Warren received the award, which consists of a statue of Socrates, a plaque and a check for $1,000, during the University’s annual Honors Convocation held April 15 on the Troy Campus. Presenting the award to Dr. Warren were Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Chancellor, and Dr. Earl Ingram (right), Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.