Jones encourages TROY students to use their gifts, abilities to impact the world

Posted: Tuesday, 16 April 2013

TROY - Dr. Milton Jones, president of the Christian Relief Fund, encouraged Troy University students to be grateful for what they have and to make a difference in the lives of others.

Speaking to the annual Honors Convocation Monday night in the Claudia Crosby Theater on the Troy Campus, Dr. Jones told the audience that he was amazed at the students he had met during his time on campus and was thrilled by their academic accomplishments and their caring spirit.

Founded in 1971 by Amarillo businessman and preacher Baxter Loe, Christian Relief Fund is a non-profit relief organization based in Amarillo, Texas with a focus on rescuing orphans and vulnerable children from poverty. CRF operates child sponsorship programs that are dedicated to providing food, clean water, education, spiritual training, health care and disaster relief to the glory of God worldwide.

Speaking from his own experiences in working with AIDS orphans in Sub-Sahara Africa, Dr. Jones said he was once challenged by one child to wear the color orange every day because “orange is the color of hope.”

“I tell you here tonight that there is hope,” Milton said. “No matter if you are an AIDS orphan in Uganda or no matter what you circumstances may be, there is always hope. Hope is the joyful anticipation of the future.”

After speaking with students on the Troy Campus during his visit and seeing the academic successes, Dr. Jones said he had a “joyful anticipation of the future” for what TROY students and the impact they would have as they ventured out into the world.

“I’m afraid sometimes that we get mixed up about what success is,” he said. “Success is about using your gifts and abilities and making a difference in the world. I feel a joyful anticipation about the impact you students here at TROY will have on our world.”

Dr. Milton Jones, president of the Christian Relief Fund, speaks during Monday night's Honors Convocation on the Troy Campus. (TROY PHOTO/Cass Davis)