Troy University launches master mentoring certification for professional interpreters

Posted: Wednesday, 26 June 2013

DOTHAN — Troy University has launched an online certification program that allows professional sign language interpreters to become "master mentors" able to guide and direct less experienced professionals.

TROY's Continuing Education Center, in conjunction with the Interpreter Training Program in the College of Education, will offer the first course in the new Master Mentor Program in August.

The Master Mentor Program is a completely online certificate program preparing professionals to serve as mentors—experienced professionals and specialized educators who provide guidance, support and direction to newly graduating and less experienced professional incumbents at all skill levels. Mentors guide adult learners in a process of professional self-discovery, helping them make the transition from education programs to the working environment. Mentors can also provide support to working professionals looking to move to the next level or acquire a new skill.

Participants in the Master Mentor Program must be a nationally certified interpreter for at least five years prior to beginning the program.

The Master Mentor Program will provide interpreters with the skills needed to effectively analyze the work of their peers, said Judy Robertson, a lecturer in TROY's interpreter training program.

"In a field where many professionals work in independent areas without a strong network of peers to analyze one's work, the Master Mentor Program provides the necessary tools for professionals to establish effective mentor relationships with others," Robertson said.

The first course in the four-course series will start Aug. 12, and the registration deadline is Aug. 1. Participants can register online at, or contact the Continuing Education Center at (334) 983-0005 or email