TROY information chief publishes fourth book

Posted: Friday, 26 July 2013

TROY – The problem of “big data" is examined in a new book by Troy University's Chief Technology and Security Officer Greg Price.

“Addressing the Big Data Issue" takes an in depth look at how large quantities of data is confronted, the obstacles to designing a proper environment for such data and the potential downsides of such a project.

“In a constantly evolving landscape where every conceivable piece of data is collected, stored and has potential for application, there are a myriad of issues associated with data growth," Mr. Price said. “A variety of tools, approaches and ROI models are presented for consideration, and essential practices in large dataset administrations are discussed."

The book also examines a strategic plan for transitioning the culture to embrace “big data" processes, and essential take-aways for information technology managers are also presented.

“A major goal of the work is to illustrate the business benefit to centralized data management, the power of information-based decisions and the ability to erase the delay effects of time and distance in a properly designed electronic environment," he said.

Published by Thomson-Reuters, “Addressing the Big Data Issue" was co-authored by Dan Hoogterp, a senior vice president and Chief Technology Officer at Bankrate, Inc. Other titles by Mr. Price include “Thieves of Innocence," “Aligning Technology with Business Objectives," and “AIX Journaled File Systems Administration."

The book is available at and Barnes and Noble.

Greg Price