Frazer tells TROY students, faculty of Alabama’s role in WWI

Posted: Tuesday, 18 February 2014

TROY - The pivotal role Alabama National Guard forces played in World War I was highlighted Monday by Nimrod Frazer, on campus to discuss his book “Send the Alabamians: World One Fighters in the Rainbow Division.”

The book is a historical account of the 167th Alabama Infantry Regiment, 42nd Rainbow Division, American Expeditionary Forces, who first engaged German forces in the Lunéville sector near Lorraine, France in the winter of 1917. During the Rainbow Division’s five-month deployment, Alabamians aided in the defense of Paris, and following the “Peace Offensive,” engaged the Germans in the battle at Croix Rouge Farm on July 26, 1918.

“That battle was the second bloodiest battle for Alabamians since Gettysburg,” Frazer said, citing 162 men killed and more than 1,000 wounded. The 167th Alabama Infantry under Col. William Preseton Screws, had been specially trained in “modern” warfare before being deployed. ( TROY photo/Jonah Emfinger; story by Nick Todd)