TROY student to lead Alabama College Republicans

Posted: Wednesday, 19 March 2014

TROY - For the first time in the organization's history, the College Republican Federation of Alabama will be led by a Troy University student.

Cole Lawson, a senior political science and journalism major from Smiths Station, was elected during the party's annual convention on the Troy Campus in March. As chairman, Lawson becomes a voting member of the Alabama Republican Party Steering Committee, the 21-member committee that defines the direction of the Republican Party in Alabama.

Lawson said he was ready to build the organization and wants its members to become involved in many aspects of their communities.

"I want to make philanthropy a big focus. If we don't step up and do our fair share of charity work, then the government is going to fill that void," he said. "I will be appointing a philanthropy director for the first time and focus a major pillar of the organization on doing a charity event."

Lawson said he would also hone in on working with the state party and the Republican leadership in the Legislature, put volunteers to work who want to get involved politically or who need an internship, and create a network for students and Republican candidates.

The College Republican Federation of Alabama is an affiliate of the College Republican National Committee, and an organization that works with campus chapters within the state of Alabama to help them provide their student body a fun, politically orientated organization that interacts directly with local and state political leaders and their election campaigns. The University's chapter has more than 480 members, making it the second-largest such group in the state.

Lawson wants to have a minimum of 20 College Republican Federation of Alabama campus chapters across the state of Alabama by the time he leaves office; currently there are 13 chapters.

Cole Lawson