New Trojan Café to provide virtual community for online students

Posted: Tuesday, 29 July 2014

TROY - Troy University's eTROY division is launching a new service in August that will allow online students to connect with one another and share experiences—all inside a virtual café.

The Trojan Café, which will be available starting Aug. 8 through Blackboard, will be an online gathering place for eTROY students. Trojan Café gives online students access for the first time to a casual discussion area where they can interact with peers and utilize a variety of tools to enhance and support their academic experience.

"Since its inception, Troy University's distance learning program has served as a model for delivering quality education online," said Amanda Smothers, assistant director of Student Engagement for eTROY. "However, we know it can be difficult for online students to feel connected with their fellow classmates or professors. The Trojan Café will help online students grow a sense of community, inspiring success and growing the Trojan Warrior Spirit online."

The Trojan Café will present feature articles about adult learners and connect students with career resources. The Café will also provide specialized resources and assistance to online students, and the platform will give students the opportunity to express themselves in meaningful ways.

For more information, connect with the Trojan Café on Facebook at or follow @TROYUeTROY on Twitter.