Troy University welcomes new faculty for the 2014-2015 academic year

Posted: Friday, 22 August 2014

TROY – Troy University welcomed new faculty members for the 2014-2015 academic year during the University's annual Faculty/Staff Convocation on Aug. 8.

New faculty members, by college, are:

Colleges of Arts and Sciences

  • Dr. Christopher Boyd, Biology, Lecturer;
  • Abigail Carter, Mathematics, Lecturer;
  • Dr. Jae Hyung Chang, Computer Science, Assistant Professor;
  • Gary Daniel, Criminal Justice, Lecturer;
  • Portia Daniels, Air force ROTC, Operations Flight Commander;
  • Dr. Sharon Everhardt, Social Sciences, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Jason Folmar, Criminal Justice, Assistant Professor;
  • Carlos Garcia, Air Force ROTC, Detachment Commander;
  • Dr. Aaron Hagler, History, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Adam Hoose, History, Lecturer;
  • Dwayne Hutchinson, Army ROTC, Military Instructor;
  • Dr. Carrie Miller, Biology, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Bonnie Mitchell, Social Sciences, Lecturer;
  • Brie Murphy, Biology, Lecturer;
  • Ryan Reid, Army, ROTC, Science;
  • Dr. Luke Ritter, History, Lecturer;
  • Ian Rob, Army ROTC, Sr. Military Instructor;
  • Dr. James Sanders, Chemistry & Physics, Visiting Professor;
  • Dr. Kathryn Tucker, History, Lecturer;
  • Dr. Huijun Yi, Mathematics, Assistant Professor; and,
  • Yanjun Zhao, Computer Science, Assistant Professor.

College of Health and Human Services

  • Linda Behm, BSN Program, Lecturer;
  • Dr. Robyn Caldwell, ASN Program, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Holly Carter, BSN Program, Assistant Professor;
  • Natasha Colvin, ASN Program, Assistant Professor;
  • Dawn Ellis-Murray, Social Work, Lecturer;
  • Melanie Hill, Human Services, Lecturer;
  • Jalonta Jackson, Social Work, Lecturer;
  • Lauren Kilcrease, BSN Program, Lecturer;
  • Lynsey Madison, HSTM, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Shawna Mason, MSN/DNP Program, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Barbara Miller, MSN Program, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Hyejung Oh, Social Work, Assistant Professor;
  • Sherry Seibenhener, ASN Program, Assistant Professor;
  • Karen Vukovich, Social Work, Lecturer; and,
  • Diane Young, ASN Program, Assistant Professor.

College of Education

  • Dr. Stephan Berry, CRIT, Assistant Professor;
  • Carol Booker, CRIT, Lecturer;
  • Dr. Keith Cates, CRIT, Associate Professor;
  • Dr. Daneell Edwards, Education, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Fred Figliano, Education, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Heidi Fleharty, Psychology, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Tabitha Gast, Psychology, Assistant professor;
  • Dr. Joseph Johnson, Education, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Kenneth Johnson, Education, Lecturer;
  • Dr. Barbara Metzger, Psychology, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Paola Conti Premuda, CRIT, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Shelley Reed, CRIT, Assistant Professor; and,
  • Richard Rose, CRIT, Lecturer.

Sorrell College of Business

  • Dr. Ernest Capozzoli, Accounting, Associate Professor;
  • Dr. Laura Dove, Law, Assistant Professor;
  • Dr. Greg Jones, Management/Law/Marketing, Dean/Assistant Professor;
  • Randi Myers, Accounting, Assistant Professor; and,
  • Dr. Toni Taylor, Quantitative Methods, Lecturer.

College of Communication and Fine Arts

  • Morgan Drinkard, Journalism & Communication, Lecturer;
  • Nicki Loud, Theatre & Dance, Lecturer;
  • Irby Pace, Arts & Design, Assistant Professor;
  • Dominique Palmer, Theatre & Dance, Lecturer;
  • Dr. Kelly Ann Suero, Modern Languages, Assistant Professor; and,
  • Robbyn Taylor, Journalism & Communication, Lecturer.