Troy University awards degrees in Vietnam

Posted: Friday, 24 October 2014

HANOI, VIETNAM - Troy University officials are in Vietnam this week to award nearly 200 degrees during three commencement ceremonies.

Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Chancellor, presided over ceremonies at the University of Economics and Business, a member of the Vietnam National University, on Oct. 21, where 29 Bachelor of Science degrees in business administration and 32 Master of Business Administration degrees were awarded. On Oct. 22, TROY awarded 15 Bachelor of Science degrees in business administration at Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

The largest of the three ceremonies will take place on Oct. 25 at Saigon Technology University in Ho Chi Minh City where 103 degrees will be conferred, including 90 Bachelor of Science degrees in business administration and 13 Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science will be awarded.

"The partnerships that we have in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City were established beginning in 2002," Dr. Hawkins said. "We held our first graduation ceremony in Hanoi in February 2008, and each year, we have graduated an outstanding group of students. We don't build buildings in faraway lands, we build programs and create opportunities for students. It is very inspiring to see these students graduate, knowing that education is the key to their future success, and it tells me that our program that has established Troy University as Alabama's International University is working."

In addition to becoming the first American institution of higher education to confer the baccalaureate degree to students in Vietnam in 2008, TROY awarded its first master's degrees in Hanoi in 2010.

Today, TROY enrolls more than 1,000 students in Vietnam and 69 Vietnamese students are currently enrolled on the University's campus in Troy, Ala. In all, nearly 800 international students representing 75 countries are enrolled on the Troy Campus.