TROY's online graduate education programs ranked nationally as 'Best Buys'

Posted: Wednesday, 01 October 2014

TROY - Troy University's online graduate degree programs in education have been ranked nationally as "Best Buys" by, a consumer group that provides comparative data on some 3,700 accredited online degree programs as a service to help students, ranked TROY's Master of Science in adult education's curriculum and instructional design concentration 17th among competing options nationwide.

The Master of Science in educational administration and leadership was ranked 26th nationally, while the Master of Science in adult education's instructional technology concentration came in at number 31.

A Best Buy award indicates a University's online learning program has been independently reviewed and found to offer a high-quality, accredited online master's program at a cost that ranks well below the national average.

"Affordability and convenience are key aspects of our online programs at Troy University, and receiving this recognition is validation for our efforts to provide quality education at an affordable price," said Dr. Don Jeffrey, Vice Chancellor of Global Campus, the arm of the University that oversees programs offered outside of the state of Alabama and online through eTROY. "The eTROY faculty and staff are committed to providing students quality at every step of the degree program."

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