Campaign to become an All-Steinway School continues at TROY

Posted: Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Always seeking to provide quality academic experiences for its students, Troy University launched an effort earlier this year that is striking the right chord with students, faculty and alumni alike.

The University's John M. Long School of Music is in the midst of a campaign to become an All-Steinway School and is seeking to purchase 34 Steinway pianos at a cost of approximately $1.6 million. As an All-Steinway School, TROY would be in the top 4 percent of all universities. Currently there are only 160 All-Steinway Schools among the 4,600 colleges or universities that offer music degrees.

"Since 1853, Steinway and Sons pianos have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty and investment value," said Dr. Larry Blocher, Dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts. "Steinways are the 'Cadillacs' of pianos. Our students spend thousands of hours on the piano, and it's of the utmost importance that our students have the chance to play and learn on the best quality instruments."

The average age of pianos currently in the School of Music inventory is 25 years old with over half of the inventory between 35 and 50 years old. The expected life of most of these instruments is 25 years, while the expected life of a Steinway piano is more than 100 years. And, Steinway pianos appreciate in value, making them a strong investment on the part of the University.

To date, the University has purchased two sterling silver Steinways – the first of their kind in the world. The Model D is a nine-foot concert grand, while the Model B is a seven-foot concert grand.

Blocher said music students collectively spend more than 10,000 hours of playing time each semester and that the University's commitment to this effort demonstrates a strong commitment to its students and academic excellence. The effort also has benefits in student recruitment.

"Becoming an All-Steinway School will enable Troy University to be more competitive in recruiting new students, including international students," he said.

The University held several Steinway concert events throughout the fall and has additional events in the planning stages for the spring.

For additional information on how you can help Troy University realize its goal of becoming an All-Steinway School, contact the Troy University Foundation at 334-670-3608. Individuals who make gifts by Dec. 31, 2014, will be recognized as Founding All-Steinway Donors.

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