Troy University's frequency to present free concert April 28

Posted: Monday, 20 April 2015

TROY - Troy University's vocal jazz ensemble, frequency, will present its final concert of the year on April 28, at 7 p.m. in the John M. Long Hall Choir Room.

The concert, which is free and open to the public, will feature past favorites and new selections unheard by the public.

Dr. Diane Orlofsky, director of the ensemble, said the concert provides an opportunity for those familiar with the program to say farewell to many talented musicians.

"It has been a wonderful musical ride with these students, many of whom have dedicated themselves to this group for over three years," Orlofsky said. "While we are excited about the future direction and potential of incoming members for next year, the April 28th performance will be a time to pause and celebrate the milestones that the current group members have travelled together. We have had numerous opportunities to recruit for Troy University; most notably, when we were chosen, by blind audition, to present a main-stage performance at the Alabama Music Educators Association In-Service Conference in January. We were the first vocal jazz ensemble to be chosen for this honor. The performance was another step toward state and regional recognition."

frequency has received strong university support since its creation in 2009, and the members have had the privilege of working closely with nationally known vocal jazz artists since the beginning. In 2010-2011, members of frequency had an opportunity to work with Greg Jasperse, composer, arranger, recording artist and professor of vocal jazz at Western Michigan University, in a series of short-term residencies. This experience culminated in the release of their CD, Fields of Gold (2011, Ilium Records).

frequency has also worked with Christine Guter, director of vocal jazz at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State, Long Beach, in 2012, and Kerry Marsh, composer, arranger and director of vocal jazz ensembles for University of Northern Colorado, and Julia Dollison, applied jazz voice at the University of Northern Colorado, in 2013, as well as with the ensemble "Vertical Voices" at the Jazz Educators Network conference in Atlanta in 2013. Marsh and Dollison returned to Troy University in March for the inaugural Vocal Jazz Invitational.

frequency is open by audition to students of all majors - more than half of the current membership have majors in other fields.

"frequency truly represents a cross-section of the talented student population that we have at Troy University. I hope the house will be packed in support of this fine ensemble," Orlofsky said.

frequency members are:

  • Dr. Diane Orlofsky, musical director;
  • Meagan King Johnson, assistant director, a graduate choral music education student from Ariton
  • Michael Anderson, a physical therapy major from Dothan;
  • Kevin Bozeman, an information systems major from Huntsville;
  • David Caddell, a broadcast journalism major from Greenville;
  • Carlton Copeland, a vocal/choral music education major from Hartford;
  • Amy Griffin, a vocal/choral music education major from Dothan;
  • Brandon Hannon, a criminal justice major from Dothan;
  • Cody Irwin, a vocal/choral music education major from Dothan;
  • Hannah Moore, a vocal/choral music education major from Niceville, Fla.;
  • Anna Orlofsky, a Spanish and English major from Troy;
  • Jordan Ratliff, a vocal/choral music education major from Oneonta;
  • Alyson Stroh, a broadcast journalism major from Montgomery;
  • Christopher Boone, acoustic bass, an instrumental music education major from Niceville, Fla.;
  • Becky Bush, piano, adjunct faculty member from Troy;
  • Tyler Logan, piano, an instrumental music education major from Mobile;
  • Andrew Patzig, percussion, an instrumental music education major from Ft. Walton, Fla.;
  • Hunter Hanson, assistant sound engineer, from Montgomery; and
  • Isaiah Sheridan, chief sound engineer, from Birmingham.
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