Troy University sees record number of sorority pledges

Posted: Monday, 17 August 2015

TROY - More than 370 students pledged Troy University sororities this fall, making the group the largest ever at TROY.

Sorority recruitment finished on Saturday with the annual Bid Day celebration, during which the students find out the sorority to which they have been selected, and make a run from the recreation center gym up to Sorority Hill.

Five sororities - Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta and Phi Mu - take part in a recruitment process, according to Barbara Patterson, director of student involvement.

"We had an outstanding number of women register for sorority recruitment this year and an outstanding number of those who pledged," Patterson said. "We have continued to see significant growth in the number of pledges each year over the last five years, and we are excited to see so many students that are anxious to become involved in campus life through our sororities."

Herb Reeves, dean of student services, said the continued growth in the sorority system is a positive indicator for the University.

"I certainly believe the record sorority recruitment is an indicator of our growth in enrollment, as well as growth in the engagement and involvement of our students," Reeves said. "We have seen a significant increase in participation in our welcome week activities this week. Students are coming in and becoming involved in University life, which is certainly a positive for both the students and the University as a whole."

Troy University Bid Day 2015