TROY receives $ 4 million grant for student support services

Posted: Tuesday, 22 September 2015

TROY - Troy University has received the largest award to any four-year institution in the nation by the U.S. Department of Education for student support services.

The Student Support Services Project at TROY will receive more than $4 million over the next five years to provide services to University students who are selected to be a part of the SSS program. Qualifying for participation includes, in part, being classified as a first-generation, low-income and special needs student. Elements of the program have operated for more than 25 years at the University.

“At Troy University, our mission is to help our students achieve success, in the classroom and beyond,” said Dr. Hal Fulmer, Associate Provost and Dean of Undergraduate and First Year Studies. “The awarding of the Student Support Services grant for another five years is a significant recognition of our efforts at student success. The SSS program is making a difference with our students that will have life-long positive results.”

There are more than 550 students on TROY campuses in Troy, Dothan and Montgomery who participate in the program. Retention and graduation rates for these students – all deemed “at-risk” – are at or above the University’s rates for all students, Fulmer said. In many cases, he noted, the selection into this program made the difference in a student’s eventual graduation from Troy University.

“Troy University is committed to meeting its students on the road where they are, in their educational efforts. Programs like Student Support Services provide very specific ways to assist our students who, through no fault of their own, are entering college life with several hurdles already in place. Our Student Support Services staff works to lower these hurdles so that our program’s participants can make progress toward their degree,” he said.

The Student Support Services program offers academic tutoring, assistance in course selection, information about financial aid and economic literacy, resources for transfer students and a host of other services focused on generating student success for the program’s participants.

“SSS is a great program and has increased our students’ persistence and graduation rates by promoting student development through opportunities to grow personally, professionally and academically,” said Mary Griffin, Director of Troy University’s TRIO unit, which includes the Student Support Services program.

The amount awarded was third largest grant for student support services overall in the nation for the upcoming fiscal year, with the two top grant receivers being two-year colleges.