Troy University's eTroy Testing Center earns national certification

Posted: Thursday, 22 October 2015

TROY - Troy University's eTroy Testing Center has been awarded Test Center Certification by the National College Testing Association, making it one of the few locations in the U.S. and Canada to have completed the intensive certification process.

NCTA's standards were developed to guide post-secondary test centers in the delivery of quality testing programs. The certification will be in place for five years and can be renewed by demonstrating continued compliance with national standards.

"Test proctoring is an important service, and it's very rewarding to be recognized by the NCTA as a nationally certified testing center. We're extremely proud of this accomplishment, and we will continue to provide the best possible services to our students," said Dr. Glynn Cavin, Associate Vice Chancellor for Distance Learning.

The certification process was led by Shannon Carolipio, Assistant Director of Testing and Proctoring at eTroy, the University's online teaching portal.

Cavin said the efforts of the eTroy demonstrate the University's commitment to providing a quality education.