New Troy University scholarship caps tuition for military members and families

Posted: Wednesday, 02 December 2015

TROY - Troy University has created a scholarship that effectively caps the cost of tuition for active duty military, National Guard and Reservists, along with their spouse and dependents.

The TROY Military and Family Scholarship pays all tuition costs above $250 per credit hour for any military student-or their spouse and dependents-enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs.

The capped tuition rate matches the amount covered by Military Tuition Assistance, meaning that currently serving military members will have no out of pocket costs associated with tuition at TROY, while spouses and dependents will see savings of up to 25-percent for undergraduate programs and 50-percent for graduate programs.

Beginning Jan. 1, currently serving military students enrolled or enrolling in degree programs will be awarded the scholarship automatically, and spouses and dependents can apply via an online application at

The scholarship applies to all TROY locations, including its online programs.

"This is a further demonstration of Troy University's commitment to those who serve and those who support those who serve," said Dr. Don Jeffrey, Vice Chancellor for Global Campus, who spearheaded the development of the scholarship.

"This program is designed to make higher education more affordable and more accessible to currently serving members of America's military," he said. "Reducing the cost of higher education and easing some of the financial pressure felt by our service members is an important component of the University's mission to serve the needs of our military and their families."