TROY students collect more than 200 pounds of clothing for Dothan charity

Posted: Friday, 19 February 2016

DOTHAN - A clothing drive organized by Troy University students collected more than 200 pounds of clothes for charity Thursday.

Students from the Applications for Civic Engagement class on the Dothan Campus organized the clothing drive, which collected items to be donated to Mama Tina's Mission House, a local soup kitchen that helps the needy in the Dothan area.

"We put our minds together and decided we were going to do a clothing drive," said Chase Kelley, a 19-year-old business major. "It's been getting a lot colder, so we know people need clothes. A lot of people have clothes to spare. We wanted to make sure these clothes get straight to the people who need them."

The students promoted the event throughout the community, and their hard work paid off, with about 50 community members and other students contributing to the clothing drive.

"We want the students to be able to advocate for those who have no voice, and we want them to be able to realize there is a need that exists," said Jonathan Broyles, a student development counselor at the Dothan Campus and the class' instructor. "We're put on earth to serve each other and to serve the community, and this goes right along with Troy University's mission statement: having a heart to serve others.”

Kelley said the project's success reflects well on the University as well as the local community.

"It says a lot about the University," Kelley said. "It says that the University cares about the community and the community cares about itself enough to come out and help others. I hope this class continues doing this and it gets bigger and bigger every year."

Dothan charity

Troy University students assist a local resident as she delivers clothes to the student-run clothing drive at the Dothan Campus on Thursday, Feb. 18.