Troy University Dothan Campus to offer new MSM program in fall

Posted: Friday, 10 June 2016

DOTHAN - For the first time, Troy University will offer a Master of Science in Management program at the Dothan Campus starting this fall.

The program, which has been offered by TROY but never at the Dothan Campus, allows students with no prior business degrees to pursue a graduate degree from the Sorrell College of Business.

"I think it adds a lot of value to our graduate program. The (Master of Business Administration) is a graduate degree that focuses on developing functional business skills such as statistics, finance and accounting. It is more tailored for individuals with a background in business," said Dr. Carmen Lewis, assistant dean of the Sorrell College of Business. "The MSM actually offers students who don't have that background an opportunity to get a graduate degree with business skills even if they don't have an undergraduate degree in business, which is fantastic."

The MSM program is aimed at giving students from a wide array of backgrounds the tools necessary to emerge as leaders in their fields.

"A student can come in with a degree in psychology or sociology and say, 'I want to be a supervisor and learn more about management and team building,' and this program will give them those tools," Lewis said. "Everybody in the MSM starts on a level playing field. Even if they have a business background, it's really designed to develop leadership capabilities, centered around motivating teams and managing people and processes in businesses and nonprofit organizations."

Lewis said the program illustrates TROY's commitment to serving the needs of the community.

In an increasingly competitive environment, it's becoming more important to have a graduate-level degree, she said, particularly for those seeking to ascend into management positions.

Lecture capture technology will add to student learning and teaching effectiveness by making all lectures available via video through the Internet for later review, Lewis said.