University traffic flow changes at McKinley and Madison and College Drive

Posted: Monday, 01 August 2016

TROY - Traffic planners and University officials are changing the traffic pattern near Troy University's lagoon to better reflect actual traffic usage, beginning on Monday, August 1.

The change will result in new stop signs for traffic, and motorists who use the routes are urged to use caution as the intersection changes become familiar.

Specifically, at the intersection of McKinley Drive and East Madison Street, McKinley will gain a stop sign traveling northeast from the Chancellor's Residence.

Also, McKinley Drive will gain a stop sign at the intersection of College Drive and McKinley, with motorists on McKinley Drive travelling east being required to stop. The stop sign currently on College Drive (southbound) at the intersection of College and McKinley will be removed, with the right of way going to motorists on College Drive.

The changes are based on traffic count studies and designed to improve the flow of traffic leaving the campus, said Jeff Pack, a project manager with TROY's Physical Plant.