TROY, Leap Technologies aiming to improve businesses’ efficiency

Posted: Monday, 2 April 2018

TROY—Troy University is partnering with Leap Technologies to deliver continuous improvement to organizations seeking to solve problems and improve efficiencies in a cost effective manner.

The partnership centers on helping businesses efficiently implement continuous improvement and lean management.

“It is a tried and true method that will allow businesses to use their existing personnel to solve problems,” said Dr. Lee Vardaman, TROY’s Associate Provost for Academic Support. “Instead of having to bring in experts to train their own people or become Six Sigma lean management professionals, this is a turnkey solution that allows them to get results using their existing employees.”

Leap Technologies provides Team Engagement Toolkits, and TROY helps with implementing the systems, which can get results within a few months.

“It’s easy to learn, easy to implement and gets results in 60 days or less,” Vardaman said. “Not only will they tackle the problem in 60 days, they will actually come up with a solution and begin implementing it.”

Leap Technologies’ programs have been used in companies as large as Fortune 500 companies and as small as doctors’ offices.

“All of this is designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, so it’s not wasted time,” Vardaman said. “We’re helping businesses improve their efficiency and effectiveness through continuous improvement and lean management.”

For more information about the partnership, visit or contact consultant Stephen Woerner at 334-625-9202 or