Dr. Glynn Cavin

Dr. Glynn Cavin | Associate Vice Chancellor for Distance Learning

Expertise: Career counseling; the job market; resume development and interviewing skills

Dr. Glynn Cavin serves as Associate Vice Chancellor for Distance Learning at Troy University. Dr. Cavin earned his doctorate at Louisiana State University, completed a Master of Business Administration at the University of Tennessee and completed undergraduate studies at University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

Prior to joining TROY, Dr. Cavin led Louisiana State University's adult education program at its Transportation Training and Education Center, where he oversaw the creation and implementation of the Center's state-of-the-art world-wide distance learning system and served as chair of the Louisiana Department of Transportation's curriculum development committee. Through his leadership, the center provided training courses to some 5,600 adults yearly. He is nationally recognized for his research in virtual learning technology aimed at improving learning of semi-skilled workers.

He is a retired Air Force officer and served as Chief of the Mobility Systems Planning Division, Logistics Directorate, and as Chief of both the Mobility Plans Section for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Transportation Plans Branch at USAF Headquarters. He has also served a Director of Transportation for Associated Growers, Director of Public Works for the City of Baker, La., and as Deputy Director of City-Parish Department of Public Works in Baton Rouge.

Interview Opportunities

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