Center For Student Success

The mission of TROY Phenix City's Center for Student Success is to provide programs and services that enhance Troy University students' academic achievement, personal and social growth, campus and civic engagement, career development and persistence to graduation.

The Center for Student Success assists students with tutoring, counseling, testing/computer services and career services in order to provide a central environment of support to help our students navigate their journey toward academic and professional achievement. This journey will begin with testing and assessment and will continue through remediation and follow-up services and programs. Periodic workshops will be conducted to lead students to success.

College Success — We Are Here To Help

With college comes many experiences, and the Center for Student Success is here to provide as many resources as possible to assist with your path to collegiate success. Below are resources to use as needed, and if you require anything additional, please contact us!

CSS-Phenix City — Fact Sheet for Students

Use the links on this page to further assist in any information you may be looking for.

Grammar/Mechanics | Research/Documentation | Special Kinds of Writing | The Writing Process


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Special Kinds of Writing

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The Writing Process

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Use the links on this page to further assist in any information you may be looking for.

Algebra Handouts | Arithmetic And Algebra Practice Sheets | General Algebra Practice Modules

Algebra Handouts

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Arithmetic And Algebra Practice Sheets

Do You Remember How to...

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General Algebra Practice Modules

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Career Services

By creating career goals and developing a career plan, students have a better chance of attaining a rewarding career. The Center for Student Success assists with assessing skills and interests, researching occupations, resume development, job search skills, hosting career fairs and connecting employers with our students and alumni. Additional resources may be found by accessing FOCUS2, a career and education planning system for college students. FOCUS2 helps students select the right major, explore career options, take responsibility for their education and career planning and engage in activities that support their career development.

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The Center for Student Success offers tutoring in basic skill development in the areas of English, math and various other subjects. Tutors will assist students with requirements for courses from freshman through graduate level. Free online, on-demand tutoring services are available for students via NetTutor, which may be accessed in the student’s Canvas account.

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