Important Dates

Academic Year 2016-2017 16/T1 16/T2 17/T3 17/T4 17/T5
Last day for student to submit Intent to Graduate (ITG) Form 24-Jun 26-Aug 4-Nov 27-Jan 7-Apr
Last day for ITG to arrive at the Graduation Center 8-Jul 9-Sep 18-Nov 10-Feb 21-Apr
GoArmy and Registration Open 25-Jul 26-Sep 28-Nov 20-Feb 8-May
GoArmy portal closes 14-Aug 16-Oct 8-Jan 12-Mar 29-May
Term Begins 15-Aug 17-Oct 9-Jan 13-Mar 30-May
Last day for FREE Schedule Adjustment w/100% refund 22-Aug 24-Oct 16-Jan 20-Mar 6-Jun
Cencus date 23-Aug 25-Oct 17-Jan 21-Mar 12-Jun
Last day for Schedule Adjustment w/50% refund 29-Aug 31-Oct 23-Jan 27-Mar 12-Jun
Payment due in full 9-Sep 11-Nov 3-Feb 7-Apr 23-Jun
Last day to drop/withdraw (65% rule) 23-Sep 25-Nov 17-Feb 21-Apr 7-Jul
Last day to change grade of "I" from previous term 25-Sep 18-Dec 19-Feb 14-May 30-Jul
Term ends 16-Oct 18-Dec 12-Mar 14-May 30-Jul
Grades Due 18-Oct 20-Dec 14-Mar 16-May 1-Aug
Grades must be entered into AI and NCMIS portals 25-Oct 27-Dec 21-mar 23-May 8-Aug

Refund Policy and Deadlines

Withdraw Deadline Contact Hours Amount of Refund
Withdraw prior to course start date. None 100% = $990.00
Withdraw less than 12.5%
but no more than 25% course hours (Wk #1 end)
Less than 5.6 hours 75% = $742.50
Withdraw more than 12.5%
but no more than 25% course hours (Wk #2 end)
More than 5.6 hours to 11.25 hours 50% = $495.00
More than 25% course hours
(Wk #3 begin)
More than 11.25 hours 0% = No Refund
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