SGA Executive Election

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Trojan Center 215
Must have TROY Student ID

President Candidates

Olivia Melton

Hello Trojans, my name is Olivia Melton. A Junior, double major in Economics and Mathematics from Orange Beach, Alabama and I am running President of the Student Government Association. I have held many positions in SGA including Freshman Forum Director, and most recently The Director of Representation. I was also a 2014 IMPACT Leader. In my years at Troy I have coordinated and overseen many on and off campus activities from Homecoming Court to a statewide High School conference. Because of these opportunities I have been presented with I understand the responsibilities and functions of the President, and what it will require to have a successful year. My passion for Troy University, its students, and its mission statement encourages me to make certain that we as a student body function as one and that we strive for nothing but excellence. I hope to Expand on the value of student’s experience, Excel in academics, and Excite students about being at Troy University. My ambition is to make sure that the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees hear the needs of student body. I am excited for the opportunity to help Troy University reach its full potential.

Patrick Rodgers

Hello, My name is Patrick Rodgers. I am a junior from Dothan, Alabama majoring in Global Business and minoring in Leadership Development. My involvement on campus includes Freshman Forum, IMPACT Leader, and I am the current Vice-President for Campus Activities. As VPCA, I oversaw all Homecoming activities as well as Welcome Week and worked to improve student morale on campus. I hope to continue working to serve the students and bring a positive change to all Trojans. -Patrick Rodgers

Vice President for Legislative Affairs Candidates

Andrew Dearing

My name is Andrew Dearing and I would be honored to accept the responsibilities of this position and will serve the Student Government Association to the best of my ability. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice and double minoring in Leadership Development along with Legal Studies. I have two years of experience in the Troy University SGA Senate, serving as a housing representative of Trojan Village my first year and a representative of the College of Arts and Sciences the following year. During these two years I have attained experience as well as a passion for the SGA and its representation of the entire student body. I am currently the Constitution and Rules Committee Chair in the SGA Senate, working closely with the SGA Constitution and Code of Laws, allowing me to practice the ins and outs of all legislative affairs and parliamentary procedures within the Senate. I have been attending the executive officers’ meetings for over a semester and have seen most of the responsibilities this position requires.

I want to be able to serve my university in any way that I can and I believe that as Vice President of Legislative Affairs, I can help make our time here at Troy University the best it can be. If elected, I will be sure to make our SGA meetings productive and efficient, allowing the SGA to achieve incredible goals in a timely manner. In representing the student body, I hope to establish strong relationships between the students and the administration, allowing the students’ ideas and hopes for Troy University to become reality, making for the best college experience possible for fellow students. I believe that I am the most qualified candidate for this position and will lead the Student Government Association through service, enthusiasm, and Trojan pride. Thank you all and Go Trojans!

Margaret White

Hello fellow Trojans, thank you for taking time out of your day to come vote in this election! My name is Margaret White and I am a sophomore Elementary Education major from Madison, AL. I currently hold a leadership positon within my Greek organization as well as being an active member of the Newman Center Ministry, and serving Troy as a Resident Assistant in Trojan Village. I am also currently a senator for the College of Education, and today I am asking for your support to elect me as the new Vice President of Legislative Affairs (VPLA). This is a positon that is very important in our SGA as the VPLA is in charge of making sure the meetings run smoothly and ensuring that process is fair and just. I feel I am fit for this responsibility because I have a passion for parliamentary procedure (the body of rules, ethics, and customs that are used in running SGA meetings) and pride myself on being a fair and just person. Troy University has given me so much, and I would love this opportunity to give back to our school and further my leadership skills. Thank you again for your time! God Bless and Go Trojans!

Vice President for Campus Activities Candidates

Avalon Dudinsky

My name is Avalon Dudinsky and I am Sophomore Marketing major from Panama City, Florida. This past year I have served in the senate as the representative for the Newman Center. While in the senate I have debated bills, served on the University parking committee, and authored a lighting bill for the Nursing Building parking lot. I also am the President of Colleges Against Cancer, which organizes the campus Relay for Life event in March. In the past I have served as a team captain and the chair of the luminaria ceremony, while also raising over $1200 individually. Now as the newly elected director of Relay, I have had the opportunity to coordinate with many leaders on campus in order to organize this campus wide event. This experience has equipped me with skills necessary to fulfill the role of Vice President of Campus Activities, which includes planning Homecoming. I have several ideas about how to increase campus wide participation at the individual level rather than the traditional group affiliation. I believe that I can provide a new perspective on Homecoming events that would improve the overall event at Troy University. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the student body in this capacity to the best of my ability if elected as VPCA.

Troy Hidle

My name is Troy Hidle, a sophomore Global Business major here at Troy, and I’m hoping to be your Vice President of Campus Activities (VPCA). During my time here at Troy I’ve been involved with Freshman Forum, SGA, and Gamma Iota Sigma, amongst others. Ever since I arrived at Troy in 2014, I’ve aspired to hold the office of VPCA and help grow Troy’s social atmosphere, while also making the college experience the best it can be for our students. Troy University is making strides towards becoming a top-tier university in extracurricular activities, and in giving everyone the chance to be involved. I feel like I can help this process along quickly while also improving the day-to-day life of every student on Troy’s campus. An idea that I’ve been working on with VPLA Solis is the “rollover initiative” which would allow unused flex points and swipes to be rolled-over to the Spring semester. Another way I’ve been working to improve student life is collaborating with Dean Reeves to resolve the parking issues we always have with Commuter/On-Campus parking. There are a few changes coming in the Fall to our parking system, and I’m excited to be a part of that movement. These initiatives, amongst others, will be the backbone of my term as VPCA and I will make strides to advance this university as far as I can during my time here. I appreciate your time, and hope that you will believe in me enough to vote accordingly. Thank you

Sam Moody

Fellow Trojans, My name is Sam Moody, and I am a sophomore from Montgomery, Alabama, majoring in Risk Management Insurance with a minor in Leadership Development. I am incredibly humbled and excited for the opportunity to run for Vice-President of Campus Activities. As VPCA, I will commit myself to serving our student body in the best way possible through the many different events that I hope to bring to Troy. I look forward to receiving input from my fellow peers towards bettering the Homecoming experience, providing more on-campus activities and performances, and working to involve all students in the happenings of this great university. I have a love and a passion for Troy University and its students that is second to none, and I look forward to serving you to the best of my ability. I appreciate your consideration! Go Trojans!

Caitlin Smith

Hey Trojans! My name is Caitlin Smith and I am running for your 2016-2017 Vice President of Campus Activities. The reason I am running for this position is because I have a huge heart for Troy University and involvement on campus. If elected as VPCA, I will work earnestly to get students involved with the university through different campus organizations and activities like Homecoming. My goals involve community, communication, and commission. I believe maintaining community is crucial because I want the students to get involved with their campus community as well as the community around them. Communication is vital because I want the students to know what’s actually going on around campus. Commission is important to me because I want to take what I’ve learned from previous VPCAs and improve everything they did to the fullest. I believe I am an extremely qualified candidate because I myself am extremely involved on campus— from working on Greek Week Committee for the past two years to being involved with over five different organizations. Please consider me for your next Vice President of Campus Activities and I promise that it will be the best year yet! Go Trojans!

Director of Administration Candidates

Blakeley Davenport

Hello Trojans! My name is Blakeley Davenport and I am a sophomore Political Science major here at Troy University. I am pursuing the position of Director of Administration in the Student Government Association. Having such an active role in the university would mean the world to me. I believe that Troy is an amazing school and hope to spread that spirit. If you vote for me, you would be allowing me to serve the school I love. I would be a servant leader by always listening to the student body and being a voice of change. I have been consistently involved and have always strived to be a leader in all that I do. I currently hold a leadership position in a Greek organization, am Treasurer of Habitat for Humanity, and I am involved with the Archeology Club, and the UAC. I believe we are called to live a life of service and hope that if given this opportunity I can encourage others to feel as passionate about this university as I am. I humbly ask for your vote for Director of Administration because a vote for me would be a vote for a positive, qualified, and passionate servant leader. Thank you and God Bless!

Farrah Gaston

My name is Farrah Gaston, and I am a junior Biomedical Sciences major from Camden, Alabama. I have been involved in the Student Government Association here at Troy for almost three years. This year, I am serving as the Academic Life Committee Chair. Our committee works to better academic and curricular policies concerning Troy and its students. This year, we have worked on various projects, including experimenting with the new email system, organizing sessions for students to learn about registering for classes on Web Express, and requesting that the library’s closing hours be extended until 2 a.m. I am also involved in other organizations on campus such as the Trojan Ambassador Association and the Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Honor Society. As a Trojan Ambassador, I give tours to potential students and work various events hosted by the university, sharing with others the many reasons I decided to come to Troy. I serve as Treasurer of Alpha Epsilon Delta, handling all of the organization’s money as well as leading various service events throughout the year. As you can tell, service is something I am very passionate about, and I would love to continue serving Troy University and its students by being your new SGA Director of Administration. I believe I am the best candidate for this position because I know a tremendous amount about SGA by having been in it for almost three years, have served in various leadership roles at the university and beyond, and am an incredibly organized, dedicated, and relatable person. As your new Director of Administration, I would work to lead you, address your concerns, and implement changes as you feel they are needed as well as continue my work with the library. I would be incredibly blessed with your vote in this election. Go Trojans!

Evonte Wright

I am running because I have a lot to offer. I value leadership, teamwork, and school spirit. With me being involved in SGA as a senator this year, I want to grow and further help SGA as well as Troy University thrive, with my great leadership skills. I plan to listen to the students and work along with the fellow executive officers, to get things done.

Director of Representation Candidates

Kingston Hall

Hi! I am Kingston Hall from Birmingham, AL. I am a freshman majoring in Risk Management Insurance (RMI) and I am your 2015-2016 Trojan Village Representative. This was my first year to be involved with the Student Government Association and the Student Life Committee. As part of the student life committee we were responsible for the rivalry week activities. The committee organized the bonfire, car bash and as well as the tug-of-war. This month the committee under my direction is offering Trojan Grams. Trojan Grams are a way to show our love and support for our fellow Trojans and the proceeds will be given back to charities in the Troy community. I am very passionate for Troy University and everything that it has to offer. I would love to continue serving you and Troy University by being your new SGA Director of Representation. I believe I am the best candidate for this position because I understand what it takes to be in SGA and I am incredibly organized, dedicated, and reliable person. As your new Director of Representation, I would be the best leader I could possibly be for this university and ensure that all of our elections run smoothly. You will not regret voting for me. Go Trojans!

Darunda Wilkins

I was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama where I discovered my love for theatre, business, and culinary arts. I am a country girl with big city dreams and I am striving for great successes. Currently, I am a junior here at Troy University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in American Sign Language. At Troy, I’m involved in many organizations on campus including ISCO and Students for Liberty. You can also find me working in the Fitness Center and sometimes the Rec Gym. I come from a big family that taught me to be compassionate, understanding and outspoken. Paired with my unconditional love of Troy and all it has to offer, I’m grateful to be here. As corny as it may be, I love the Troy motto: “Educate the mind to think, the heart to feel, the body to act” - 1887. I would love to have the opportunity to represent the voices of the students through my own.

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