2015 Homecoming Court

Carlie Spencer – Alpha Tau Omega

My platform is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) Education and Awareness. Over the past few decades, technology has grown tremendously and it was majorly led my America; however, now we are seeing that we are actually falling behind because of the low interest in the S.T.E.M. related fields. All areas of S.T.E.M. are vital and important to the success of this nation, and we need to be concerned with encouraging young people to take interest in these areas and to excel for the good of our country. My goal is to show how the S.T.E.M. fields can be fun and to break the negative stereotypes about each area! I am a math major and everyone always turns their noes up when I tell them that, but you just have to learn to make it fun!

Jenna Jayjohn - Troy University Cheerleading

If elected Troy University’s Homecoming Queen, I would like to support a platform called “Be Healthy and Be Happy.” This platform has not been established yet, but it is an idea and a platform that I would like to create. It would focus on something that applies to a wide variety of people: body image issues. Body image issues don’t discriminate against sex, age, or race, and it is something I can personally relate to. This is my fourth year cheering for Troy University, and being a part of a collegiate cheerleading team brings many positive aspects, but occasionally some challenges arise. One thing I developed was body image issues. Unfortunately, I was subject to more scrutiny being in front of crowds all of the time. Being compared to those around me was difficult and detrimental to my confidence, and I’ve struggled with low self-esteem in relation to my weight and size ever since. It has taken me until now to realize that it’s not about a number on the scale, but more about taking care of my body and loving it for what it is. I’ve learned that it’s about exercise, eating healthy, and loving myself. Everyone is different and will not fit one specific model, no matter what the media says. If given the opportunity to promote this platform, I would like to hold a fundraiser relating to either a 5k, a color run, or a mud run to promote healthy lifestyles. I would host events to raise awareness and promote healthiness and positivity, relating to the name “Be Happy and Be Healthy.” The proceeds would go to the Troy University Recreational Center construction that is meant to start in the next few years, which will be instrumental in promoting healthy lifestyles on TROY’s campus.

Mackenzie Kayler - Kappa Delta

If elected to homecoming court it would be a privilege to have the opportunity to raise awareness for the Lutzie 43 Foundation. This foundation was created in loving memory of Auburn football player Philip Lutzenkirchen, who went to my high school. I grew up watching Philip play basketball and football and he truly was a class act on and off the field. I have chosen this as my platform because they do various projects and programs around my hometown, as well as throughout the state of Alabama. Lutzie 43 Foundation aims to develop the character of students and athletes by focusing on leadership, community service, and service to others. Live Like Lutz and Go Trojans!

Raven Pasibe - The Broadcasting Club

My platform is “Celebrating Diversity: Culture with a Cause.” At Troy, we have such a diverse group of students and organizations. My goal with this platform is to unite students across campus for an event that celebrates our diversity and gives back to the local community. Sporting events always bring people together, and I think it would be exciting to have a campus wide tournament with teams that have a mix of members from all organizations. The money raised through our tournament can support local programs such as the Troy Boys and Girls Club. As students, it’s easy for us to stay in our comfort zone and only hang out with our sorority sisters, our teammates, or our specific friend groups. I hope that my platform will encourage students to branch out and make friends with unfamiliar faces. Regardless of the letters on our shirt, our political views, or our religious beliefs, we’re all Trojans. When we come together and celebrate our differences, we can make powerful things happen at Troy University and within the community.

Shelby Scott - Student Government Association

Open Gym is an afterschool program held by First Baptist Church of Troy. Students ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grade will come to the church after school on Wednesday afternoons and partake in gym time, homework help, crafts, Bible study, and will end the afternoon with pizza! Pike County has a 28.6% poverty rate and a lot of these kids come from under-privileged homes. Open Gym provides a regular environment where the students come in and can count on the fact that their group leader is going to be there, they can count on having a meal, and they can count on having someone to talk to if they are having problems in school or at home. This program is close to my heart because it has introduced me to kids in the City of Troy I look forward to seeing each week and hearing stories about their days. Open Gym has introduced me to how big a part that Troy University students have in the City of Troy and it has been a blessing to see and be a part of that impact.

2015 Dothan Campus Homecoming Court

Brandi Mitchell

My name is Brandi Mitchell and I am a senior at Troy University’s Dothan Campus. I graduated with an Honor’s degree at Northside Methodist Academy and earned my Associates of Art at Wallace Community College and graduated Cum Laude. Currently, I am earning my Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Global Business and will graduate in Spring 2016. My passions include reading and writing, and while I was a student at Wallace Community College, I won first place in the Free Verse category in the Jake Adam York poetry competition for two years in a row. Since I’ve been at Troy-Dothan, I have had a poem published in the Troy Literary journal, The Rubicon. After I graduate in the spring, I plan on pursuing my Master’s in English at Auburn University in Montgomery. Eventually, I hope to teach English at a college level to educate and inspire students.

2015 Montgomery Campus Homecoming Court

Hannah Schraeder

Hannah Noelle Schraeder, from Montgomery, Alabama. Daughter of Troy Professor Dr. Mike Schraeder and Mrs. Rene’ Schraeder. Currently a Junior pursuing a degree in Psychology with an Education minor. Graduated from Evangel Family Christian Academy. Proudly escorted by brother Grant Schraeder.

2015 Phenix City Campus Homecoming Court

Lydia Roscoe

Hello, my name is Lydia Roscoe. I currently attend Troy University, Phenix City campus, where I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. This wonderful journey began in 2013 at Troy University and has been a life changing experience. I am a person that loves to dream. Being a student at Troy made those dreams a reality. There are several ways that I am distinguished from others such as my voice, thumbprint, the way I walk and my thinking pattern. I often challenge myself to go above and beyond in my studies because I want my success to be continuous. As a student of psychology, my professors have given me the tools to help me be great. Troy University is the place where I realized that being attentive and a great listener comes with opportunity. My uniqueness shines through when confronted with the opportunity to be able to speak into someone’s life. I am compassionate and have a heart to see people reach their fullest potential. As a young lady going to college, I am focused and goal oriented. I am a personal cheerleader for my peers, who encourages, helps, and believes in the students of Troy University.

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