Legislative Branch

The SGA legislative branch consists of a devoted group of students elected by their peers. The student body selects those individuals they feel will best represent the student body. The student senate is broken up into multiple areas of representation. Each college has an elected representative (i.e. College of Communication and Fine Arts, College of Health and Human Services, etc.), as does each residence hall. There are also at-large positions available on the student senate. The composition of the student senate allows all facets of the student body to be positively and adequately represented.

SGA Senators

Student Government Association Committees

Academic Life Committee
The Academic Life Committee is responsible for academic and curricular policies concerning Troy University and its students. (Chair: Rachel Carter)

Campus Life Committee
The Campus Life Committee is responsible for student activities and events (i.e., Homecoming, concerts, etc.). (Chair: Jasmine Canlas)

Constitution and Rules Committee
The Constitution and Rules Committee is responsible for all of the rules governing the SGA Constitution as well as the constitutions of organizations that are members of the Student Government Association. This committee shall oversee all members of the Student Government that they adhere to the provisions and responsibilities stipulated in the SGA Constitution. (Chair: Carter Ray)

Public Relations and Marketing Committee
The Public Relations and Marketing Committee is responsible for coordinating publicity for all SGA-sponsored events. This committee will also order and distribute items to aid in the promotion of the Student Government Association as necessary. (Chair: Courtney Bass)

Student Welfare Committee
The Student Welfare Committee is responsible for areas concerning student well-being (i.e., Food Services, Housing, Parking, Safety, etc.). (Chair: Emma Turner)

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