For all Student Government Association Elections and Homecoming Elections:

  • Voting will take place both online and in Trojan Center Room 215
  • Only current students will be able to vote
  • Participants will be able to select ONE method of voting
  • All students will receive an email to their Troy University address with a link to vote
  • Online participants may be required to verify their identity before voting
  • Those voting in Trojan Center Room 215 must present a valid Trojan I.D. to vote

Dates of elections will be publicized and posted throughout the campus, on Facebook, Twitter, and the Student Government Association website. For any issues with the online voting system, or any questions regarding the election or voting process, please contact the Director of Elections or Director of Representation at

The above is for Troy University Student Government Association elections only. For state and local elections please visit the following website for details on polling places, dates, and candidates.

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