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About Confucius Institute

About Us

Confucius Institute at Troy University (CIT) is dedicated to the development of Chinese language education and cultural and business exchange with China. CIT is able to facilitate engagement with China in ways that strengthen the understanding, opportunities, and bonds between the people of the United States and China.

CIT was established as a response to the increasing need for learning Chinese in America. It is the first of its kind established in Alabama, an honor to the well-established Troy University. CIT provides professional Chinese language introduction to the community, as well as training for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language, develops teaching materials and curriculum and promotes educational exchange and research, and offers a wide variety of non-credit courses and programs in a variety of short and intensive formats.

Our Goals

  • Provide “Study in China” programs for students, teachers, faculty members, and communities in Alabama
  • Serve as an exchange platform for visiting scholars, researchers, and language teachers from the United States and China
  • Be the window for mainstream America to learn about China and Chinese culture
  • Host Chinese language teacher training programs
  • Provide support to local Chinese communities, such as school districts and non-credit Chinese schools
  • Hold Chinese Proficiency Tests (HSK-Basic, Elementary-Intermediate, Advanced, YCT Young Learners, BCT-Business)
  • Provide test preparation courses for Chinese proficiency tests
  • Provide on-demand Chinese translation services to local businesses and organizations
  • Meet the increasing demand for certified teachers of the Chinese language both in Alabama and other parts of the States

Annual Reports

If you would like a copy of an annual report, please contact us at confucius@troy.edu.